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Hello! It’s Sophie again 🙂

Today, I will be writing about Say What You Will by Cammie McGovern. Let me start this off by saying it was completely different than what I expected. It’s also the first book I listened to on disk (believe me, I’ve already gotten crap about how nerdy it is from my family, but personally, I don’t give a rip).

Here’s my overview:

Amy and Matthew aren’t looking for a friendship when they finally talk to each other spring of their junior year (of high school). They’ve known each other for over 10 years but never once had an actual conversation, so when Matthew tells Amy what he really thinks about her cheerful persona, it changes her life. Amy realizes that all her life no one has told her the hard truth and that she needs him to be the person to do so. As their relationship grows throughout senior year, Amy discovers that Matthew is a person with his own problems and she decides to help him.

Soooo, yeahhh…..

Okay, I wasn’t completely sure how to end that, but there are some major plot twists!!! I will do my best not to reveal them. I really, really loved this one. I was very hesitant at first but after the first disk I was pretty hooked. Honestly, I was a bit confused for a bit about what was going on with both protagonists. Maybe it McGovern wrote it that way on purpose (I’m sure it was; as Foley says, “Nothing an author does is without intent,” thanks AP Lang). It was nice to get to know the characters without knowing to much. I feel that if I had known before hand it would have clouded my judgement – this gives me the chance to judge their personalities rather than define them. I think that another major theme of this is the prejudice set by disorders and diseases that affect people both physically and mentally. These play a big factor into Matt and Amy but they wouldn’t be the same people they are in the book without these in their lives. It adds to their characters so much more.

Okay, I’ll quit blabbing now, TTFN,


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