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Hi, guys!

Today I decided I would talk about the newest book I fell in love with-  Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. Oh it’s just wonderful looking at the jacket (I splurged on the special edition from B&N).

Okay here’s my overview:

Cath and Wren Avery have been built-in best friends for 18 years. They’ve shared everything, from their love of Simon Snow books to a bedroom (yes, they’re twin sisters). Simon and the World of Mages is what got them through their mom leaving, through the awkward and painful years of adolescence, and now they face the prospect of college. Lately, Wren has grown a bit more distant from Cath – keeping secrets, cutting her hair, distancing herself more and more from Cath. For Cath, all this change has her mind in a kaleidoscope, whirling from each new experience in a blurry, dizzying fashion. She is able to escape her troubles through entering the World of Mages, writing fanfic. Cath’s life may be slipping away from her during her escapades, but is she ready to let go of a world so, well, magical and move on?


Anyway, I think it was a beautiful book. I really fell in love – again. Sometimes I wanted to reach through the pages and smack Cath (or Nick for that matter). Anywho, it was a super quick read. At first I didn’t like the excerpts from the Simon Snow books, but I kind of grew to like them. Also, be prepared to have The Outsiders (by S. E. Hinton, if you were wondering) a bit ruined for you. I suppose I knew what generally happened in the end but I’m not one for having plots untwisted for me, ya feel?  (I’m doing my best to write a review without revealing too much.) I got to the end of this book and said, “What is this?!” I was super upset it was over. Lol.

Happy reading!


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