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If You Could Tell Your Younger Self Something…

Hi there! I’ve been trying to write as I read and honestly, since it’s summer, I’ve been eating my way through books and constantly am always picking up new books before I’ve even finished the stack I brought in. Today I finished the last audiobook I checked out from our wonderful library and therefore decided to bring back 3 more because why not, right?

Anywhoo, I just finished Landline by Rainbow Rowell. (I love her, I must read all of her novels.) I liked it throughout the entire thing. (Though after just finishing I’ll Give You the Sun it was super hard not to compare Rowell’s to that one. But still, it was good in its own way.)

Here’s my summary:

Georgie McCool is a successful, independent, eccentric, married woman in her late thirties. She has built her career as a tv script writer with her best friend, Seth, whom she has known since her freshman year in college at UCLA. She is undeniably in love with her husband Neal and their two daughters, Alice and Numi (full name: Naomi). Since they had gotten married, Georgie has known how her career, her lifestyle grates on Neal’s nerves. After 14 years of this, their marriage is on the rocks and when Georgie gets her big break – her own show with Seth – she has to take it. But in choosing this, she has to skip Christmas in Omaha with Neal and the girls at her in-law’s. When she suggests they skip it this year, Georgie knew Neal would be angry – but she was not prepared for him to pack up with the girls and leave her in LA. Faced with spending the holiday alone to get ready for her important meeting she ends up at her mother’s house. In an attempt to contact Neal, she has to rely on a clunky old landline and ends up getting him… 15 years earlier. Is this a sign? Is she supposed to fix her marriage before it even happens?

Okay!! So it was super great. I really did like it a lot. It was filed in the library under the ‘Adult’ section but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle (I’m in high school). It reminded me of the novel Gimme a Call by Sarah Mlynowski, in which the main character Devi breaks her phone and it inevitably calls her own number 4 years before. Rowell writes dialogue really well. I like to hear books especially because of the different intonations of the characters’ voices.I can’t wait to read Carry On and Attachments by Rowell. Oh my goodness I’m quite in love with her writing.

Alright, I’ll let you go now.

Happy reading!!

Sophie 🙂

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