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Mind of a Bird

For a first post by me, I racked my brain for what book would get this ceremonious title. I settled on one of my absolute favorites: a biography of a behavioral scientist by the name of Irene Pepperberg.

If you were in my 9th grade English class, you’ve heard me mention/rant about this book.

Quick Summary:

40 years ago.. a woman with a PhD in Chemistry from Harvard University walked into a pet shop. Her name was Irene Pepperberg, and she scooped up an African Grey Parrot, and named him Avian Learning EXperiment, Alex for short. He would go on to change the way people perceived birds. This book tells Irene’s story, from her childhood through all of her scientific studies and work with Alex to the aftermath of Alex’s death. Although it may not seem the most fascinating book, it is written in a way to be an intriguing and inspiring story.

Super Quick Summary: If you like birds, science, awesome women, and good writing, this is the book for you.

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