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Another Good Sarah Dessen

Hello! I haven’t been on posting lately, but here I am!

I feel so behind in posting because I’ve read like 2 or 3 books since this…yes, 3 books. I realllllly liked them. More to come on those though. (Btw the title of this is The Moon and More.)

Okay, so Sarah Dessen is like the Debbie Macomber of teen chick lit. And I’ve read most of her books, but you know they’d started to get a little too predictable and I got a little bored. I only bought the book because I was in the mood for some good female teen drama, just you know, binge on that stupid stuff. I bought it and thought “Oh well, it’ll end the same, boy gets the girl, teenage angst, yadda yadda yadda.” But I actually got really into it and it definitely took me surprised.

Here’s my summary:

Emaline has just finished her senior year of high school. She’s coasting in her seemingly perfect life into college – all she has to do is get through the summer. She has a wonderful boyfriend, a loving family, and a job at the family business – a rental business in her tiny, coastal town of Colby. Then, as she’s doing runs for said job, she runs into these particular out-of-towners. They’re New Yorkers and are there shooting a documentary about a former artist-turned-recluse who lives in the town. The director, Ivy Mendelson is a force to be reckoned with, and her assistant, Theo is unique and different and has that not-from-here air about him. Emaline is skeptic but sympathetic of Theo, but a tentative friendship develops.

So yeah. That’s all I’m going to say about that in a summary.


I honestly didn’t expect the ending that I got and I really liked that it surprised me. The turn of events that led Emaline to end up the way she did. I thought her dad problems would get resolved. Like that she and her dad would have a moment and that they would actually you know, have a good relationship. I thought that she would get a) get back together with Luke or b) stay with Theo. Yet Theo turned out to be a big jerkhole and I’m glad they broke up and that he didn’t get the job with Clyde. I’m glad that she didn’t end up with either guy and that she was given the chance to stand on her own two feet for college. It’s good to know that Sarah Dessen still has some tricks up her sleeve and isn’t as predictable as I thought.

Alright, happy reading!!

Sophie 🙂

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