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Music, Green Women, and Wuthering Heights

Hey, I haven’t written in weeks I know, but I’ve gotten really busy. Reading even more books. Hahah but really, I’ve had to catch up in my summer homework (ick). SOO this review will  be about one of my new favorite author’s books The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson. Really guys, she’s pretty sweet.

Okay! Here’s a description:

The Lennie plant is decaying. The real Lennie is also struggling with the grief that assaults her after her sister drops dead during a play rehearsal for Romeo and Juliet. As she tries to pick up the pieces of the life she thought she had, Lennie finds solace in her sister’s (ex?)boyfriend Toby. And then things get a bit sticky. But then in walks musical genius Joe Fontaine (what a babe) who challenges Lennie to really go for what she wants in life.

Really though, it’s a freaking awesome book. So go read it. Now!

I know that was really short, for me especially, but that’s the best description I am willing to give without giving too much of the plot away.

Alright, since I really love Jandy Nelson, my opinion will probably be a little biased but even if it wasn’t her, this is a freaking awesome novel. I loved how I could relate to Lennie’s musical taste and her reading habits. (Sidewalk reading? Yes, please!) Anywayy, I also loved that it involved an older novel to help develop the story. I also just love Wuthering Heights but same difference right? Okay so this is gonna be a short one.

Chat again soon! Happy reading!

Sophie 🙂

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