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Two Best Friends That Anyone Can Have

Hi!! I’m glad to see someone is viewing these, so I don’t write in vain.

Today I finished Oliver and Althea by Cristina Moracho. I like this book especially because of all the twists and turns it takes the reader on. I honestly did not expect the ending I got.

Here’s my summary:

Best friends since they were six, Oliver and Althea know each other frontwards, backwards, inside, out. Their friendship has held strong for ten years, and lately Althea has grown to realize what her relationship to Oliver means to her – something a little bit more than that. This regrettably coincides with Oliver’s new, strange disease; he has episodes where he falls asleep for weeks on end, broken up only by bouts of wakefulness in a zombie-like state. It’s Oliver, but not Oliver. After his third incident right at the close of his junior year in high school, all he wants is things to go back to normal. But things have rapidly changed in the two months that he was asleep, even Althea is different. There is something that she isn’t telling him, a decision that she knows will cost her his friendship. After her secret gets out, their relationship is predictably shattered. Without so much as a goodbye, Oliver heads north to New York City for a sleep study that will hopefully help him with his disease. Althea gets into her car to follow him and try to repair their relationship.

Okay, that was super long. But I hope it was good enough to catch your eye.

I really liked this book. I didn’t quite know what to make of it but I had picked it up from the library on audiobook. After I started I tried to guess what would ruin their friendship but I was wrong, but partly right. (If you read it, I you will understand what I mean because you will get the characters.) I was really surprised at the ending. I really thought there would be something more definitive but it kind of left you hanging. I honestly liked the style of writing. It was light, but Althea wasn’t perfect. And it’s irritating when the main characters are perfect and the plot it super predictable. I was sad to get to the end. I really wanted more of the story. Does Althea go to school again? What about Ethan? (I totally ship them.) What about Kentucky/Will? I hope I haven’t spoiled the book. Which I hope this has been vague enough.

Happy reading!

Sophie 🙂

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