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Love Letters

Hello! How are you all today? I recently finished the sequel to a book so I decided to write a review for both. The first book is called To All the Boys I Loved Before and the second is P. S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han. I love her writing. The first book by her that I read was Shug and I loveed that one.

Anyway! Here’s a description for the first book:

Lara Jean has been in love five times in her short sixteen years of life. Each time she gets over a boy, she pours her heart out in a letter to him, seals it, and stows it away in her hat box given to her by her mother never to be read by any other human being. Until she gets into a skirmish with her little sister, Kitty. When all her letters are mailed out, Lara Jean is horrified. Every boy comes to her in confusion, letter in hand. When it comes to Peter Kavinsky, things get a little complicated.

Okay, I know that was kind of a confusing overview but I promise it is a wonderful read. It was so awesome. Lara Jean is so hilarious and super relatable. I couldn’t believe having all my private feelings for boys so out in the open. I also adored her hat box idea so I stole it myself 😉 Lara Jean deals with a lot of pressures and struggles of being a teenager, and I personally related to her well. I felt that if I were a fictional character, she would be my twin. I also loved the bond between Lara Jean and her sisters. She and Margot go above and beyond to be the best big sisters to Kitty. Kitty is so spunky too, I love her spirit. The ending definitely left me hanging, I was dying to know more about what was going to happen to Lara Jean and Peter.


This ends right where the last novel leaves off. But then it takes things and goes even further. Lara Jean and Peter have to decide what they are to each other. In this novel, they must deal with the effects of social media and jealousy. When things are starting to heat up, the fifth boy returns his letter and walks back into her life.

Alrighty! I just finished P. S. I Still Love You and it was an awesome follow up. I can’t complain because it definitely tied up many things. I do wish she would’ve had more time to figure out who she wanted to be with but ah c’est la vie. I am in love with these books. I liked that Lara Jean had good revelations about boys and love and life. I loved loved loved Stormy. She is basically life goals. Lol she is one amazing old lady though. I am very satisfied how things ended for Lara Jean. I also like that her sisters are still big minor characters and that she isn’t afraid to still rely on them.

Okay, I’ll let you dig into that next book! Happy reading!

Sophie 🙂

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