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My Fake Boyfriend

Hi, guys! Hope you’re having a wonderful last couple days of summer or first days of school. We have yet to start school until the 8th!! Today I will be writing about The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West. I had previously read The Distance Between Us in one night because I couldn’t sleep. That was an awesome read so I decided to give her other novels a chance. I also saw a lot of posts about this book on Instagram (find us @mindofaworm) and I was like, “Yeah okay sure.”

My brief overview:

Gia Montgomery has great friends. Now if only they would believe her about her hot college boyfriend, Bradley. When he dumps her in the parking lot at her high school prom, Gia must find a quick fix or be toppled as queen bee. Then she notices the boy sitting in the parking lot by himself and convinces him to be fill-in Bradley. One night, a few hours, no big deal right? After it’s all said and done, Gia can’t stop thinking about Fill-In Bradley. If only she knew his real name. His sister decides she owes him a favor back so she must become his fake date. They actually kind of make friends. Then the real Bradley decides to waltz back into her life and screw things up.

Ah, what a great summary.

There is so much more to this novel and I really liked it. It was a really quick read and I finished it in a weekend. Gia is a very relatable girl who deals with technology and at first is very annoying. I wanted to punch her the first couple of chapters. I liked how West developed her character because Gia’s faults made her less of the fake popular girl she was portrayed as. I want my own car to throw baseballs at. It’d be super relaxing! I’m left with books 🙂 I also loved the sister who stepped in. She was freaking awesome. This book deals a lot with technology and the obsession that is taking place with it. It really made me think a lot about how much I use it and what is healthy and what is not. The ending of the book totally threw me for a loop. I thought things would end up happy and the characters would get that fairytale ending but it was better without it. It felt more real than the picture-perfect one. I liked seeing Gia screw up but grow as a person as she fixed her mistakes.

Okay, I hope this helped you find a possible new read! Happy reading!

Sophie 🙂

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