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Failure to Compute

Hello, bookworms! Sophie here blogging about my latest read. I recently finished A Step Toward Falling by Cammie McGovern. I got it as an ARC from my work but I unfortunately didn’t finish it by the release date. However, I loved it anyway. A really great new read you should check out.

Here is my summary:

Emily is a good person. She works hard, does things for her parents, she even started a youth action committee at her school to help raise awareness on certain topics that go unnoticed. But then how did she fail to act when she saw a special-needs classmate being attacked brutally under the bleachers at a football game? Feeling guilty and like a terrible human being, Emily gets in trouble for her hand in this attack. She is forced to do community service through volunteering at a local center that holds classes for special-needs adults. She is not alone in this act, though. A fellow student and football player, Lucas, witnesses what happens to the student, but he too turns away.

Yay, it was a wonderful novel!! You should read it. Okay, my opinion on this now. I thought it was very well written. I read McGovern’s debut YA novel Say What You Will earlier this summer (you can find the review under my name on the left) and that impressed me a lot. When I heard she was coming out with another book I just had to read it. I’m happy to report that it is an amazing novel too.

This book is told from alternate perspectives: one from the special-needs girl, Belinda; the other from Emily’s point of view. I like how we get both sides of the story with this. Belinda is hilarious. I love that she loves Pride and Prejudice and the movie adaption just as much (the Colin Firth one, of course). Emily felt and did things I could definitely relate to. She means well but she sometimes comes off as pretentious and rude but she recognizes her mistakes and works hard to reconcile them. I liked how strong of a female character she was and that she was okay with being single. Sometimes it seems like the female characters are always looking for a boyfriend or that they are always going to end up with the main guy in the novel. It gets a little annoying and predictable after a while, so this was refreshing.

Alright, guys, I’ll try writing again soon! Happy reading!


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