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Becoming a Chameleon

Hi!! I also forgot to blog about this one too. I read this over the summer and I loved it and it was super cute. Sophie Kinsella’s Finding Audrey was a beautiful read and super sweet. It was a very cute premise and I’m glad I had picked it up at Costco.

What the book was about:

Audrey used to be in school. She used to have a few close friends. She used to go out and go to the store with her mum and hang out with her friends. But now, she can’t even make eye contact with other people. She wears dark sunglasses that cover her eyes and make her feel safe and she lets people see her when she wants them to. She stays at home and sometimes if she has an episode, she has to hide away in  her room. Then one day, her brother brings his friend, Linus, over for a gaming team. And Audrey kind of freaks out. Okay, really freaks out. But that’s okay because she can only let him in if she wants to. Linus starts to become something more than just a gaming teammate to Audrey’s brother and more of a friend to Audrey. With him, she feels almost… normal.

So I picked this book up at a Costco because I felt like I couldn’t possibly leave without purchasing a cheap book. I mean, come on – 40% discount? Yes, please! Anyway, the cover was beautiful, too. (Hey, you can’t tell me you haven’t judged a book by its cover before, can you? If you say yes, you’re lying.)

Is that not the cutest cover design? It’s very fitting for it, too! Anyway, I loved the character development of Audrey and of her brother. At first her brother (bless him, I can’t remember his name) seems like a typical teenage guy but he eventually develops into a nice young man. Audrey’s own tendencies reminded me of how it’s hard to open up to new people in our lives, especially after we’ve been hurt so badly by those we thought we were our friends. From what we as readers get from Kinsella, all we know is that she was bullied so badly by her “friends” that she got social anxiety so bad that she doesn’t leave her flat much. At first I was a bit irked that we didn’t know exactly what happened, but in the end I realized that not know made the book stronger. It doesn’t matter what happened, it matters that it happened and now Audrey has to deal with the consequences of other people’s actions. We need to remember that people are fragile and that we need to be kind like Linus and extend our hands to those struggling with things like this.

Okay, I’ll get off my soap box. Happy reading!


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