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Bookish Box Review: Uppercase Box November

Hello, all! For those of you who like subscription boxes or would like to start to receive one but have not decided which to choose, I have recently found one called Uppercase Box. This is a monthly box that contains a signed hardcover young adult book or signed book plate and 2-3 bookish items. All this for $23 a month plus shipping. Before this, I had been searching for one that met my expectations but wasn’t as expensive as $30 a month (plus extra for shipping) like others. I stumbled upon this by a post from Fierce Reads on Instagram and am very happy that I did.

I recently received my first box from them for the month of October. That month was Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin with a signed book plate. In addition to that, there was a custom made key chain that says, “Certified Book Addict,”  a pin for the book, and a small quote poster. Let me just say that this was the best first box I could have gotten. I am very impressed with it all – from the email with a tracking code to the very book itself (there will be a review of it up soon!). I am in love with Uppercase and can’t wait for the next box to come, hopefully this week!

So a little more about the process, they bill on the first of the month and then ship it on the 15th. Each time they send you an email letting you know that it’s in the mail along with a tracking number of your package. You should get the box within the week. Every book is recently released so don’t worry that you will have already bought it. It’s also not as publicized as some others compared to that month, but don’t worry – they won’t send you a book that isn’t good.

There are two other subscription plans. I’m not sure exactly which they are, but you can check them out further in the link I will include at the bottom. I know that they’re a bit cheaper, but they don’t have all the perks of the $23 plan.

So, if you’d like to subscribe to Uppercase yourself, click the link here. I hope this review helped you in your search!

Happy reading,

Sophie 🙂

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