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Getting By

Hello!! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season! I know I am. I recently have picked up more hours at the bookstore so I can help out with all the shoppers. It’s been a great season so far! This is a review for The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness. So Patrick Ness is a big name author and this is his most recently released book. I really enjoyed it and I hope this review helps you choose your next read.

An overview:

What if you aren’t the chosen one, the one who is supposed to fight the zombies and vampires? What if you’re just ordinary and are just trying to get on with your life. Mikey just wants to live his life. He wants to go to prom and wants to confess his undying love for his best girl friend. How can he do it when these extraordinary things just keep happening? Sometimes you just need to find your own magic in life.

This book was hilarious. I really enjoyed the sub-plot going along with it that was at the beginning of each chapter. At first I was kind of weirded out by it, but then everything came together full-circle. It was a very enjoyable read. My overview didn’t quite do it justice. I had started it before, but put it down for another and I’m glad I picked it back up. Mikey has to deal with a lot of stress and his friends Henna and Jared and his sisters are all there to help him get through it. It’s such an interesting dynamic throughout the novel and I love how it just works and that they’re always so supportive of each other. Mel’s strength and her ability to stand on her own makes me smile. At one point she even tells Mikey to back off because she can take care of herself. It was pretty awesome.

Okay so the cool thing about this one is that the jacket (on the US edition) is glow in the dark! I was just walking with it in the dark and I thought “I shouldn’t be able to see this right now,” but then I realized it was glow in the dark. That was super cool. It’s also a really awesome cover. Under it there, the cover is this really pretty teal with a deer on it of course 🙂 I highly recommend this for anyone who is up for something a little different.

Happy reading!

Sophie 🙂

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