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One of the Guys

Hi, again! We’re gearing up for Christmas, how about you? I think I love the food the best (other than the company of course!). Some of my favorite foods are made, like my mom’s amazing pecan pie! So this post will be a review for On the Fence by Kasie West. I love Kasie West’s writing and a previous review for The Fill-In Boyfriend is right here if you were curious about that one.

Here’s a general description:

Charlotte, better known as Charlie, is the youngest of four. Her three older brothers are there to support and protect her, not to mention her fourth honorary brother Braden. Growing up with all four of the guys, Charlie’s learned to fight for herself and how to tear up any kind of sport you can think of. After her 4th (or 5th?) ticket, her dad makes her get a job to pay it off. The worst part is that she works in the girliest store – and she has no idea how to handle it. This is new territory for her. She even meets a cute guy who has never seen her be the tough, sporty girl she knows she is. To destress, she has nightly chats with Braden between the fence that separates their backyards. What she doesn’t expect are the sudden feeling she has for him. How can she pull off her double life? Or can she reconcile the girl she was and the girl she’s becoming?

Alrighty, now for my opinion! This was a really quick read. I read it when I needed something light and quick to pick up my spirits. I was trying to destress myself and what better way to do that than read?! Charlie is pretty funny and her inner struggle is relatable. A lot of us find that we’re becoming people that are new and different from the people we used to be. Sometimes that can be really scary and I felt like I could understand her best on this point. I liked her relationships with her brothers. Each of them seem to be pretty in-tune with what she needs and they go to great lengths to protect her. There was a bit of a twist toward the end that I wasn’t expecting. It is really surprising and I like how it takes what you thought you knew was going on and turns it on its head. It was a little bit of depth that I wasn’t expecting from a little bit of literary fluff. Kasie West’s books are great for sitting on the beach or dreaming about that in these cold winter months ahead!

I hope this review helped you on your literary adventure! Happy reading!


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