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Points of View

Hey, there! I forgot I hadn’t written a review for one of the books that I read over the summer. So I started this at band camp. I had gotten it used off Amazon and I had heard only a little about this but it sounded really good. The title is A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall. This was published Swoon Reads which is a site that allows people submit their manuscripts to their  website.

So here’s my overview:

Gabe is a little shy. He sees this cute girl Lea in his creative writing class but he’s too bashful to make a move. Lea is a college freshman in an upperclassman creative writing class. She’s nervous but she knows she’s good. She meets Gabe in that class. Both are a bit too hesitant to make anything happen.

Told from multiple different perspectives, Gabe and Lea’s awkwardness is pieced together.

I wasn’t sure about this book at first. I didn’t know how well it would come together because of all the perspectives but it was fun to get to be part of the band that helped them get together. Although we don’t get Gabe and Lea’s point of view, we get a pretty good idea of their thoughts through other people. I think my favorite piece was Inga, the professor of the writing course. Inga was kind of hilarious and I liked that she wasn’t very conventional. If I was a college professor I would definitely do meddling things like that. She was also pretty BA and different. I also like Pam, her wife. The bus driver was a nice guy too. The only weird things I thought were the squirrel and the bench. Those threw off the story a little I’d say, but they did give good conversations between Lea and Gabe and Lea and her friend.

Okay, happy reading!


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