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Rylie’s Review for “The Road”

So, I recently finished The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Here’s my input;

The Road is a critically acclaimed, multi award winning novel that follows the story of an unnamed father and son wandering through what the reader can only assume is post-apocalyptic America. McCarthy stresses on multiple levels that the world is “ashen and grey” from what we can only guess was the aftermath of a nuclear war. McCarthy demonstrates the micro family’s struggle to survive in the wasteland that is now America.

I was left stunned, horrified, but mainly captivated by this novel. McCarthy is a phenomenal writer beyond words, and his descriptions of what this father and son must endure leave you gritting your teeth. McCarthy has a particular writing style, one that gives this novel an eerie essence to the story line. He lacks the typically essential quotation marks in his writing, which usually would be a writing sin. In this case, it only adds to vibe he’s giving off.

Overall, I loved this novel, as dark and as gloomy as it is. I highly recommend this book to anyone with a love for Dystopian  based novels. This one, however, holds a deep sense of reality that leaves you with lingering thoughts about it even after you finish it. Five stars, for sure!

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