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On the Brink of Self-Destruction

Hey guys! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Okay. So I am a binge-reader. No shame.

Especially when it comes to Paperweight by Meg Haston. Ugh.

I recently finished this beautifully written novel a few days ago. The novel follows the story of a troubled seventeen year old girl, Stevie Deslisle , who is sent to a treatment center on the “dusty outskirts of New Mexico” (Haston). Stevie is stricken by what many young girls today struggle with – an eating disorder. Her father ships her out to to the center in hopes that she will recover. But, Stevie’s not looking to recover. She’s planning to die, precisely on the Anniversary of her older brother’s death. Will she go through with it? *dun dun duuunnn*

Haston is just a fabulous writer. Paperweight just overflows (in a good way) with detail so carefully written that each scene of the book just plays out in front of you. She describes Stevie’s emotions in a entrancing way that you just feel her. I adore her writing style.

The story line just sucks you in and doesn’t let you go until you finish the book. It’s just one of those books where you just have to find out what happens.  Paperweight is such as page-turner and it sends you on the feels train like no other. It leaves you gasping at some parts and tearing up at others. It makes you yell and flail your arms in anguish and even chuckle to yourself. Feels train all da way.

My only complaint (what?! A complaint?!) would have to be the ending. It just ends without closure. You close the book with a feeling of “but…I wasn’t finished yet.” But that’s my opinion. Looks like you’re just going to have to read it and see if you agree with me!

In conclusion, I really enjoyed reading this book. I fell in love with Stevie by the end and you literally felt as if you’re going with her on her journey to deciding to live or die. Haston enhanced the characters and scenery in a way that I can’t find words to describe. Four and a half stars (is that shallow? Nah) for Paperweight!

Rylie Innes


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