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Second Child Swag

Hello! I’m here to do my first new review on this blog! This will be for Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen, and let me tell you how much I enjoyed this book! There are many reasons I love Dessen’s books, one of them being that she never fails to make me feel better. So I picked this up over the past summer and finally got around to reading it at the beginning of December. (I’m so behind on my reviews it’s crazy. I promise I’ll be caught up soon!) Anyway, my friend highly recommended it, too, so I finally read it.

Here’s my overview:

Sydney’s brother Peyton has always been the center of attention. His good looks and charm have him well armed for sweet talking and allowed him to get away with a few things. It isn’t working now since he’s landed in prison for a laundry list of misdemeanors, and most recently a car accident that crippled a boy. Sydney understand her brother’s charisma and accepts her place in his shadow. After his recent jail time though, she feels haunted by his reputation and decides to switch schools.  At her new school Sydney stumbles upon the warm Catham family. There’s sweet, bubbly Layla; guarded, haunted Rosie; quiet, protective Mac; and at the center of it all, sage Mrs. Catham who brings them all together. In the Cathams Sydney finds herself and her own voice, creating a shadow of her own.

Needless to say, I really loved this book! This is Dessen’s most recent release and I have to say one of her best. Before the two latest releases I felt that they followed the same kind of plot line. This one defies that theory and I’m extremely pleased that it does. Sydney’s story is something that I can relate to. The guilt and weight she feels for the crippled boy says a lot about her own character. I like how she finds her strength in the Cathams and they show her her own potential despite her brother’s actions. It’s quite a unique tale, yet at the same time it’s funny and lighthearted.

Happy reading!


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