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Rise, Red as the Dawn

Hello! I read Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard in anticipation of her release of Glass Sword in February. I had heard a bunch of hype about this book over on the Instagram, and let me say, it’s well deserved. I couldn’t wait to see what happened next and it was so exciting!


Mare Barrow lives in a world divided by blood – Red and Silver. Silvers hold special abilities – control of fire, metal, even the mind. They rule over the working class of Reds. Reds are conscripted for a war that no one really knows why it began. Those who have talents are used as apprentices and serve the Silvers. They are fortunate enough to avoid the barracks. Mare knows what her future holds for her. Without apprenticeship she’ll go to war, hopefully she’ll survive. She’ll come home and take care of her parents. Get married.

Everything changes when her best friend finds out he’ll be conscripted. She’s willing to risk everything for him and takes a chance. Mare soon finds herself swept up into the Silver court of the royal family. Here she discovers a talent of her own and to cover it up the royals force her into a fake identity – a lost Silver princess. She’s then betrothed to a prince and woven into the many secrets and a web of families waiting for her to crack.


I was super impressed by this novel! I loved Mare’s strength and her sass. I did find her a bit irritating at times (oh the love), but I have to say it didn’t matter much in the end. I am very glad that I read this and I have high hopes (along with many other people) for the sequel!

The whole concept of the novel was interesting. It seemed very modern and real world. I can picture something like this in the event a segregated area went to war. I think it dealt with the themes of prejudice and even racism very well. Even though the people weren’t divided by race it was clear that there were those who were better because of the abilities they had.

The princes were interesting characters. I had a gut feeling about Maven, but they both were very hard to read. I thought that Kilorn (Mare’s best friend) was pretty awesome, too. I think he accepted things a bit too easily, though. I wish Mare hadn’t been so naive about somethings in the story, but I definitely understand why she was. If I had two princes and and my childhood best friend in love with me I wouldn’t know what to do either! 🙂

Please take a moment to admire this awesome cover. It won Cover Lust in Epic Reads’ Book Shimmy Awards.

Isn’t it gorgeous?!

Okay I think this enough for now! Happy reading!


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