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In Memory of…

Hello! I hope you all are enjoying the wintery weather we’re finally receiving (here in the U.S. anyway, I’m jealous of the warmer places!). I have recently finished a wonderful Advance Reader Copy from Source Books that I received from my work (job perks are the best!). So the book is called You Were Here and it’s by Cori McCarthy, an author I was overjoyed to find out lived nearby! I am hopefully going to visit her on her tour in March (dates and locations to be released).

Here’s a description:

Jaycee is a daredevil. Well, not quite, her brother was the daredevil, but then one of his stunts goes horribly awry and he dies. Jaycee is going to do something Jake never did – survive graduation. Still struggling with his death years later, Jaycee sets out to accomplish all of his stunts.

What she doesn’t expect is help with her quest. It comes in the form of four people connected to her, and Jake, in ways she couldn’t have imagined. The dysfunctional group works their way through Jake’s tricks all the while coping with the loss and the whirlwind of life after graduation.


I am so in love with this book! I can’t wait for you all to read it, too! The set release date is March 1 and you can pre-order a signed copy through her website.

The book is told in five different perspectives and I think each one suits the character the best way possible. Some of it is told in comic book frames and some of it in narrative. Don’t let the comic book scenes daunt you because they just add to the work as a whole. You will understand exactly why that character is specifically is only in images.

Something I enjoyed most about the book is how relatable the characters are. Jaycee is sassy and witty and uses it to combat the overwhelming grief she still has for Jake. Natalie and her intense planning and Type A personality is something I personally understand; it’s like McCarthy wrote her for me (!!). (She didn’t, but I’m going to pretend she did.) I like how strong both of the female characters are and that they don’t have to go running to the guys in the group to help themselves. The boys definitely help them reconcile, but the work is all done by them. It’s refreshing to see so many new female characters kick some booty. Don’t be deterred by Jaycee’s blunt honesty. I think she was my favorite.

There is a big reveal near the end and it definitely didn’t catch me off guard, but it’s something not completely obvious. I knew because McCarthy hints at it, and it still stunned me when I got to it. I promise it just enhances the story and makes you love the characters even more.

So I received a copy before the cover was decided so I got a pretty blue cover. Here is the actual cover art for the story.


I think this is such a wonderful representation of the contents. It’s quite gorgeous don’t you think? I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. I definitely will re-read this in the near future.

Happy reading!


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