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I Spy

Hi, there! Hope you’re having a good day today 🙂  For this post, I’ll be reviewing Velvet Undercover by Teri Brown. This interested me because I have a bit of a weakness for historical fiction and sassy, strong females. When they’re put together, they’re just irresistible!

Here’s a bit about the book:

Samantha’s world is at war, the Great War to be exact. Her family has always served the crown, and have done well. Her father is an ambassador as well as an agent for M16. Women in her family have been ladies-in-waiting to the queen. It’s in Sam’s blood to serve, so when her father disappears on a trip to conduct foreign affairs and she’s offered a position to serve her country Sam jumps at the opportunity.

The mysterious La Dame Blanche, an elite women’s spy group, has recruited Sam to go into the thick of the fight – Berlin. Not only is she to go snoop in the German court, she’s to suss out an agent who is in possible danger. The problem is that no one knows the girl’s true identity, she’s only known as Velvet.


I really enjoyed this book. It was a quick read, and I loved the different elements that Brown included. At the beginning of each chapter there was a different spy term to learn and it related to the events within the chapter.

I loved that Sam was so adept with languages. I feel like I related to her really well through this because I myself am pretty good at it too. She knew a little bit of everything and that was pretty cool.

Another cool aspect was her smarts and her reliance on them. I always enjoy when a girl is so self-reliant. It was cool learning a few ciphers and the way she thought was super cool. Sam is pretty good at math, specifically coding, and it’s something I learned a little about in my precalc class. I wish I had her talent for something so useful!

What was cool about this was the historical setting. Not many people re-imagine World War I, and it was cool to learn a little more about the German court and stuff like that. I think it’d be pretty cool to be a spy, but I’m not sure I’d be great for the job (I’m much better at reading about it).

I hope this review helped! Happy reading 🙂


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