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Yay or Nay Wednesdays: eReaders

Hey, there! Happy Hump Day 🙂 So since this is the first un-prompted book chat I’ve done, I decided I’d discuss the merits of the eReader. Yes, I know this is a widely debated topic. Due to its widespread nature, I want to put my two cents in, too. I decided that for my Wednesday chat days (I alternate with Beth), I’m going to debate a certain topic. I’m rambling now, so on with the debate!

The Case: eReaders

The Arguments


  • lightweight – since the books are digital, they’re all tiny and easily transportable
  • all in one – if you really buy into the eBook thing, you could have your whole library at your command, given you have enough space
  • cases – you get to pick pretty cases
  • cost effective – other than the start up cost of the actual reader, eBooks are much cheaper than buying your paper copy


  • the smell – you can only sniff an eReader so many times
  • cost – depending how fancy you want your eReader, they can get really expensive
  • the feel – they just don’t feel the same as a book
  • turning pages – I personally love flipping through pages, the swipe just doesn’t do it for me

The Verdict?

While I do love my Nook, I just end up buying a physical copy of the book if I love it (All the Bright Places is one very good example). The weight of the book doesn’t bother me all too much. It’s nice to see how many pages I have left while I read, too. It’s not that I want to rush, it’s just a novelty to see how much progress I’ve made.

What are your thoughts? Do you own an eReader? 

Happy reading!

Sophie 🙂

6 thoughts on “Yay or Nay Wednesdays: eReaders

  1. I had a similar discussion post on my blog a couple of weeks ago! I love my Kindle – there are so many benefits to having it, some which you have listed. It’s especially great for travel because I don’t need to worry about pages getting dirty or covers getting bent, and I can have so many books with me for a fraction of the weight!

    However, I ultimately would prefer a physical copy of a book over the digital copy of it. The physical copy simply tends to be more meaningful and have a more lasting memory for me, compared to if I read it on my Kindle.

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    1. I totally agree – my nook is awesome, but I do love my real books! Agreed on the memories, too – there’s something about that you know?


  2. I couldn’t agree more with you ! I have a kindle and don’t get me wrong, I love it but it’s never the same feeling, physical books will always have my heart.


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