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General Update: My Bookish Life pt. 6

Hey it’s Saturday! Yesterday, Maiya and I did a thing 🙂 Below you can see a shot from our first shoot! Yeah, we went downtown in our city, and took a bunch of pictures for the blog
and Instagram/Twitter. This was the first time we did something like it and I hope you like them! There will definitely be more pictures to come from this 🙂KODAK Digital Still Camera

Okay, next week will be a bit hectic for me – we’re going on a field trip Monday, a college visit Thursday, and we’re flying to Florida Friday! Other than that everything is pretty chill. Please hang in there with me!

This past week has been chill actually. We didn’t have school Thursday or Friday due to conferences and I actually didn’t have any homework to do or catch up on.

Prom update: I am not going to ask the second guy I was talking about. *sighs* He’s still into his ex-girlfriend so either way it’s best to wait for him to get over her. I do have my friends working to set me up with one guy we know from our band. *cough* Maiya *cough* He’s a nice guy, so I wouldn’t mind going with him.

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Cori McCarthy who wrote You Were Here  (which is lovely so go check it out)!!!! I had a wonderful time, and

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Posing with my  signed copies

we chatted about everything from blogging to our favorite t.v. show Bones. I could not have had a better time. My awesome friend Sarah came with me, and had a great time, too! Cori was lovely enough to agree to do a Q and A on our blog here, so keep your eyes peeled for that! I also have the pleasure of helping her announce any other bookish news she may have in the future. If you have yet to read You Were Here I highly recommend going and getting a copy and supporting this awesome person. When I walked into the Barnes and Noble, there she was, just sitting all nice and waiting. I think I squealed a little. Cori and I had been communicating prior to meeting, and I was so excited to finally see her in person! She saved me the last Mik mug and gave it to me as a surprise – I couldn’t believe it. Cori also gave me a copy of her out of print book The Color of Rain which I’m hoping to get into this coming month.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
All my goodies from the signing 🙂

I am still in shock that I actually met one of my favorite authors. Does this feeling ever wear off? Lol 🙂 It was amazing. *happy sighs* So I guess in conclusion that was one of the best moments of my bookish life 🙂

What else have I done in the past week you ask? Oh you know the usual. Freak out over a calculus test, band recruitment, hang out with my friends. Of course buy books. How could I not buy more books. It’s a small problem, okay? I don’t need help I can kick the addiction if I really wanted to!

Since my epic failure of trying to read two books at once, I have finished both of them and another. Reviews of all three coming soon! I am now reading The Shadow Queen by C. J. Redwine, and so far it’s really good. (Click the link if you’d like a full synopsis and to add it to your Goodreads.) It picks up right amidst the action, and I can tell I will love it.

As the end of the month approaches, keep an eye out for a book chat from The Book Junkies. This month we read The Symptoms of My Insanity by Mindy Raf. I will also be posting a wrap-up and some of my anticipated reads for April. I’m ahead on my reading challenge and I hope to keep it that way!

How are you all? How was your week?

Happy reading! (And Happy Easter to those who celebrate!)

Sophie 🙂

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