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General Update: My Bookish Life pt. 6 (for real)

Hi! *waves from a boat* I’m currently on vacation, so I have passed on my blog into the loving hands of Maiya. She’s really excited to interact with you all week, and (hopefully) will be more active moving forward. (Lol, I realized I skipped 5 last week :P)

How are you all doing? How has your week been since we last chatted?

Me? I’ve been both busy and not at the same time. Weird paradigm I know, but things have been crazy. I had to pack, take tests, make up tests, do my homework. (I really should be doing my calculus homework right now, but we’re just going to politely ignore that right now.) It’s spring break for Maiya and I right now, so while she’s here with you guys, I am taking a much needed break from everything.

March has been a good month to me. I received some more ARCs from SourceBooks and of course my job at my local bookstore. I have managed to read 9 books this month continuing my successful battle at my year’s challenge of 100 books. (Note: I’m writing this on Wednesday actually so I might finish one more!)

On Monday, my AP Lit class went to Chicago to see Twelfth Night performed on Navy Pier. It was excellent! I must read more of Shakespeare’s comedies. While I do like Hamlet, the comical nature of Twelfth Night was a side of Shakespeare I found that I enjoy a lot.

Prom update: nothing really to report. I don’t think anyone is going to ask me. There was a lot of drama surrounding my one friend who was going to ask this guy in our friend group. It got a little heated, and I feel bad about it all. I wish it had worked out, but oh well.

I am extremely excited for April (minus the fact that I have to take the SAT when I get back from break). There’s so little of it that we actually have to go to school for. I’m in the last throes of school, and I’m excited for summer to come here!

I’m going to post a March Wrap-Up I promise. I’ll also discuss what I’m looking forward to in April, too! Keep an eye out for that one.

Until April 9, happy reading!

Sophie 🙂

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