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Bookish News: …None Today, but Here’s Some Chat Instead!

I’m begging Monday to please stop right now and let me sleep in. I need extra sleep so bad. I couldn’t find any Bookish News for you today – I’m sorry! So instead I will be discussing different websites I use to cull my pieces from.

1.Epic Reads

This site is run by HarperCollins for their teen division. I love searching their site because of the range of things they have. There’s everything from quizes, to like-try-why, to Book Nerd Problem videos.

2. The Novl

Little, Brown runs this site for their teens. I like looking at the latest trending things they have and the featured books. It’s not the most updated that I have seen, but I do enjoy the graphics and other books they have on there.

3. Penguin Teen

If you couldn’t guess from the title, this is the website for Penguin Random House. I actually just found this and will definitely be using it more in the future. They have quizzes, events  posted, and an easily navigated website. They also have a segment called News You Can Use which I’m very grateful for!

4. RivetedLit

Simon Pulse revamped and renamed their teen site. It’s brand new and features a free e-book for a portion of time. There are awesome giveaways hosted on the site as well. I like it because of the aesthetic and the fact that you can contribute your own work! (You do have to submit an email and pitch your idea to them first though.)

These are the four main sites that I visit. Of course I learn a lot through Instagram and Twitter. I hope this helped you and has introduced you to some fun new websites to check out!

Happy reading,

Sophie 🙂


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