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Yay or Nay Wednesdays: Read v. Re-Read

Hey there! My first (and last) Yay or Nay Wednesday was quite a hit so I decided to do another one this week. Today I want to talk about reading a new book or re-reading a favorite. This is a hotly debated topic that I know many of us book lovers undergo so now I present the case to you.

The Case: Should you read a brand new book or dive back into a book you know you’ll love?

For Reading (New):

  • you discover a new world to love
  • you meet new characters
  • you could find your next OTP
  • new book boyfriend(s!!!!)
  • that cover is tempting you so much – it’s just too glorious!
  • the hype is (not) real and you want to sniff it out for yourself

Against Reading (New):

  • you might hate the book and you don’t want another DNF on your hands
  • the hype might just be that
  • if you hate the book you’re wasting precious time you could be spending with your beloved (favorite book, obvi)
  • you spent hard earned cash on that (whether it’s physical or e-book)
  • now you have a book you don’t like taking up room on your already sagging shelves

The Verdict

While I love me my Percy Jackson and Scout Finch the temptation of a new world gets me every time. I have so many new books that I want to read that if I just re-read my old ones I would never make it through my entire TBR pile. I don’t always know what to read next – that’s what my TBR jar is for of course. Sometimes I feel a book just calling to me so then I read it. I try to read a lot of the hyped books that I see on Instagram, but I can’t always get to all of them. I also always check the Anticipated Reads list Epic Reads releases every month to keep an eye out for new books. My shelves are groaning from the weight of so many books as it is that I truly need to work my way through all of them.

What’s your opinion? Do you like to re-read book? What are some of your go-to books that instantly put you into a good mood?

Thanks for reading today! Happy reading!

Sophie 🙂

9 thoughts on “Yay or Nay Wednesdays: Read v. Re-Read

  1. I completely agree, although I love to re-read old favourites, the temptation of new books gets me every time! One I will always re-read though is Angel Cake by Cathy Cassidy 🙂


  2. I’m not huge on re-reading books, but I feel like I should do it more because I don’t want all of my books on my bookshelf to be untouched from the time I first finished reading them. I’m not sure how to really get into re-reading books though because my favorite part about reading is the surprise factors. Haha, or maybe I should stop buying books and only borrow them…? Do you have any tips on how to re-read books and properly enjoy them?


    1. One of my favorite parts of re-reading books is that I catch things I didn’t notice the first time I read it. I would recommend keeping an open mind when revisiting your favorite book. I don’t think I could ever stop buying books lol 🙂


      1. Ohh, that’s a good idea! Haha, thanks. Yeah, I don’t think I could ever stop buying books either… I should really start re-reading books soon! I don’t want to neglect my already-read books for too long. 🙂


      2. Same! There are some that I definitely know I want to read again! My book case is going to start sagging from the weight of all the books I have on there 😂

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