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Bookish News: Untold Story from Renee Ahdieh

Hi, guys! Happy Monday 🙂 Today’s Bookish News is about the new release of the third untold tale from Renee Ahdieh. If you can remember, she wrote The Wrath and the Dawn and the sequel The Rose and the Dagger is coming out this May. Since there is so much hype for this book (that I have yet to read) I figured you’d like to read some of the short story to satiate your taste.

I took part of this article from Penguin Teen’s News You Can Use. To read the full piece click the link here.

“Right here, today, in this post, you can read untold tale #3, The Mirror in the Maze! All week, fans have been tweeting to unlock this e-novella, and today we reached our goal of 1,001 tweets! Clearly, Renee Ahdieh’s fans are just as amazing as she is.

Without further ado, we present The Mirror and the Maze!


The Mirror and the Maze

The city burned bright from leagues away. Khalid could see it just as he and his men made the final turn toward home.

There, on the horizon . . . a colossal ember stretched high into the sky, pulsing and alive in its warmth, even from a distance. Its fires raged as the smoke collected above it. Billowed into a plume. A darkening shadow across an already black sky.

The cold grip of fear snaked around Khalid’s heart.

Followed by pure, unmitigated fury.

It could not be possible. Salim Ali el-Sharif would not dare attack Rey. Would not dare lay siege to the greatest city in all of Khorasan.

Would not dare put his years of threats into action.

The fear clutched tight in Khalid’s chest.

Everything and everyone he loved was in that city. His cousin. His uncle.



Please note the portion in the quotes is taken directly from Penguin Teen’s website. I am in no way claiming this as my own writing. I would love for you to go visit their amazing website! This is not the entire story as mentioned above so if you would like to read it all please click the link I’ve included above!

Have a wonderful Monday, guys!

Happy reading!

Sophie 🙂

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