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Yay or Nay Wednesdays: Finishing a Bad Book

Hey, happy hump day guys! I’m glad it’s Wednesday, but at the same time I’m surprised how quick this week is going.  It seems like they keep going faster and faster lately. One week until my AP Literature exam 😛 Here’s the third installment of Yay or Nay Wednesdays due to such rising popularity. I hope you like it!

The Case: You’re a good 100 pages into a book that you just don’t like. Do you continue to read it or put it down and stop wasting your time?

The Prosecution: 

  • As stated above – you don’t like it
  • you could be reading a different, better book
  • you won’t care not finishing because you don’t feel invested in it
  • you’ve wasted your time reading this now
  • reading this book makes your insides cringe – in the bad way
  • Have you heard of the 50 page rule?!

The Defense:

  • Hey it’s only 100 pages – there’s still more time for it to redeem itself
  • you have pride – you don’t have a long list of DNF books and you cannot let this one ruin your reading streak
  • you (may) really like this author, you have to give it a chance
  • It’s not the book, it’s you

The Verdict:

Okay, guys, there are a few times I have or should have just added a book to my DNF. Sometimes I start a book and it’s just not the right time for me to be reading it. It just isn’t meshing with my vibes, ya feel me? (I just got hippie on y’all, so sorry. I can’t promise it won’t happen again.) While it hurts my heart to not finish a book, the reading and reviewing schedule I keep just doesn’t go well with not reading a lot. Also, I don’t want to put myself through it if I don’t have to. Sometimes the book and I just don’t mesh and that’s okay.

What’s the last book you DNF? Do you stick it out when you don’t like a book?

Happy reading!

Sophie 🙂

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