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Yay or Nay Wednesdays: Hardcover vs. Softcover

Hello, happy Wednesday/hump day! I was writing up my Yay or Nay post last week and realized that I have not debated this one yet! While I have talked about eReader vs. physical copy, I have been remiss in one of the most debated topics! Without further ado, here we go!

The Case: So many books you want to read come out in hardcover first! They are shiny and pretty and new, but they are the bane of your wallet’s existence. Do you wait for it to come out in paper or splurge anyway?

The Persecution

  • Did I mention how much they cost? (Especially adult books, they’ll rob you blind!)
  • They are kind of cumbersome, have you tried packing one for a trip?
  • THEY’RE SO HEAVY! Pick up more than three and you could be lifting
  • The dust jacket may get torn, damaged, or worse – lost
    • what do you do with it while you read anyhow? Take it off? Leave it on?

The Defense

  • Have you seen under a dust jacket? It’s gorgeous and hides little gems (check The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness if you’d like to make sure I’m right)
  • The dust jacket is an accessory in-and-of itself, it’s so pretty
  • You’re a big kid, you can afford this *dumps change out of piggy bank*
  • If you shop used, you can get awesome deals, who doesn’t love $5 for a $20 book?

The Verdict

I used to wait, but now I work in a bookstore… I see way to many pretty hardcovers to wait, so I don’t anymore. I say this is a case to case basis. Sometimes you get lucky and have it in paper immediately. Most of the foreign editions come out in paper first, which I don’t understand, so you could order online at The Book Depository. (I love this website, it’s glorious and cheaper too, with free shipping might I add.) In the end, my message is you do what works for you. If you have the patience to wait, then wait and get it in paper. If you can’t, then don’t!

Thanks for reading today! What would you do? Do you like to buy paperbacks?

Happy reading!

Sophie 🙂

8 thoughts on “Yay or Nay Wednesdays: Hardcover vs. Softcover

  1. Hardbacks are definitely very beautiful and super aesthetically pleasing, but I’d have to say I prefer paperbacks. Hardbacks are super expensive in Australia and even on Book Depository most of them are $26 which is crazy when I can buy 2 or 3 paperbacks for that, haha. Also my hands are tiny and I have a hard time holding them 😂 It is annoying having to wait for paperback releases though and sometimes I’m suuuper tempted to just buy the hardback.


    1. I didn’t know they were that expensive in Australia! I can totally see where you’re coming from on that. Hardcovers are extremely aesthetically pleasing 🙂


  2. Hardcovers are so pretty to look at. BUT THEY ARE SO EXPENSIVE, I could buy two paperbacks or more with the cost of one hardback. And they are so big and bulky. So I really prefer Paperbacks because they’re cheaper and I’m more comfortable reading through them.


  3. I used to buy paperback, but my kindle has totally changed my system. Now if I really know I want/love a book I’ll splurge on the prettiness of a hardback. If I know it’s just a read for fun, that’ll likely not make my top 100, I’ll just download it from Amazon.


    1. I have a nook I do that with sometimes! My most recent one was All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. The book was so beautiful, and I love the hardcover too 🙂

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