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Q & A Friday: Blogger Recognition Award


Thank you wonderful Emma from The Book Crunch for nominating me and this blog for this!!

Here are the rules:

  • Write a post to show your award
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started
  • Give two advice to new bloggers
  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to


Backstory time!

In the 8th grade the two middle schools in my town combined to create one in the same building (finance reasons really). Maiya and I had known of each other but we hadn’t formally met until Geometry 3rd period. We also had band together, but we didn’t actually interact until 3rd hour. Even then, it took a bit for us to speak and connect with each other.

We didn’t actually talk until we got desks that were a bit isolated from the other students. I didn’t understand the Pythagorean Theorem, she didn’t get trig, and it was pretty much a match made in heaven.

We wanted to start a book club but not an orthodox one. We were too quirky for that 😉 It took a few years for her and I to actaully start this. Our sophomore year of high school we finally started a blog. We were on Blogspot first, but I moved us to WordPress after a few months.


What I learned from blogging is…

I’m supposed to give two bits of advice, so here goes nothing.

  1. Keep a schedule

It has taken a while for me to actually get on this bandwagon. When I first started I strictly posted reviews, and I would just post dump when I had a bunch of them. After a few months though, I really wanted to branch out in what kinds of things I posted. Now I like to post a variety of things on different days, and it helps having categories. Having a schedule also has me blogging regularly and I’ve found that having days off is equally as important as those that you do post on. Sometimes you need to give yourself a break form the grind of writing. It’s hard to be so on top of things!

2. Be genuine

I love being my bookish self here. The community of bloggers in general is extremely nice and supportive. If you’re doing what you truly love on here then go for it. No one is going to tell you that what you’re doing is wrong. I can share my passion on here with others and it’s so much fun to do. I love being a blogger.


Who I’m nominating

Jorlene | Page Chronicles

Alicia | #lovebooks

Beth | Hello Beautiful

Courtney | The Littlest Book Elf

Shannon | Clockwork Bibliophile

Alexis | Inside the Pages

Sophie | Book Wish

Shanayah | The Scarlet Bookkeeper

Laura | Life is a Book

Lizzie | My Little Book Blog

I only have 10 blogs here, but they’re the ones I follow. I don’t get to read their blogs enough, but I love each and every one of them!

Have a great day! Happy reading!

Sophie 🙂

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