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Bookish Box Review: Uppercase Box May

Hi, guys! I’m back at it again with a Bookish Box review for Uppercase’s May box. The funny thing is that I was doing my post for a Bookish News day and the book I received was on the list of books that I talked about. It wasn’t ever on my radar, and sometimes those are the best books to read.

Every month you receive a signed hardcover copy of a new YA book. 2-3 additional bookish items are included in the package, and I can assure you that you can find so many uses with the ones you aren’t sure what to do with! I put the earrings from the March box on my tote bag! Pricing starts at $23 plus shipping. For more info and subscription options click here!

Here’s what was in May’s box:

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Every month this is something I look forward to, and it never disappoints.

I was excited to get Girl Against the Universe. After reading the Goodreads page while doing some research, I was a bit intrigued. This one was a hard one to guess because there were so many good releases this past May (Summer of Sloane, Suffer Love, The Way Back to You just to name a few). The additional swag was cute, and I’m a sucker for swag 😉

I’m not much of a tea drinker. When I read I usually have an Arnold Palmer or water nearby. I just don’t like that many hot drinks, however DonQuioTea smelled so yummy! I was not aware that this was loose leaf tea so when I opened it to drink it at work I couldn’t which was a bit disappointing. I did drink it later and it was extremely sweet and cinnamony. It’s all gone!

I really like the postcards! Later I was sent an email to join a postcard swap, and you should definitely give it a thought. I think they’re extremely cute. I pasted one in my journal even.

Yet again another amazing Uppercase! I can confirm that I love the June one! (I try so hard to write these before the next box, and I’ll do my best to do so this month!)

Happy reading,

Sophie 🙂





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