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General Update: My Bookish Life pt. 21

Hello guys! It’s a wonderful August Saturday – Coast Guard Saturday if you’re where I’m from. Today is the end of Coast Guard Festival as well as the main event. All week we’ve been waiting for this day. There’s a parade, (amazing) fireworks, the carnival, a craft fair, the whole shebang takes place today and miraculously it will be over tomorrow.

This week

I didn’t do much. I should have taken more time to pack for band camp I suppose but it’s fine. I just have to finish up tomorrow morning (toothbrush, hair brush, etc.).  I worked a bit before I left, but not much. I won’t have as nice of a pay check as I did this past week. Our Cursed Child event went really well. I cosplayed as Cho – a skirt from Goodwill and a navy tie will do wonders. When I was working Wednesday night the power went out. Apparently several city blocks went out and it even reached our highway. No one knows for sure what happened still.

The carnival rolled in on Monday. It opened Tuesday night, and while I did walk through it I haven’t actually ridden any rides. It’s weird because usually I’m busy all week with band but our preseason rehearsals were last week. I went to a street dance on Tuesday with a good friend of mine and it was okay. There were a ton of people standing around yelling to be heard over the music and a lot of people sitting. Yesterday the arts and crafts fair came in. It’s the best of the two that come to our town in my opinion. I went with another friend yesterday but didn’t buy anything. I watched some of the Opening Ceremonies last night but I was babysitting while it was going on so I didn’t catch much.

I received some amazing news on Monday. I discovered I will be writing for Justine Magazine’s book section of their website!!!! Yes, my friends, I get to create my own bookish articles! I’m extremely excited and grateful for this opportunity, and I will keep you updated!

I haven’t finished any books lately but I am reading Blood for Blood by Ryan Graudin and The Phantom of the Opera (still). I started Blood for Blood for ARC August, and so far I’m loving it. This is an amazing continuation of Yael’s story and I can’t wait to read the ending! Keep an eye out for a review coming your way!


It’s the Grand Parade today and I’m marching in it! It’s my final parade for this festival and the beginning of a long list of lasts. It’s so weird that I won’t be doing it next year. After the parade (which is long and sweltering) I’m headed back to my sister’s house on the parade route to catch the end of the parade. I might sneak in a nap if I’m tired enough. It’s going to be really fun – tons of people, lots of good food, and I love people watching.

This coming week

It’s my last band camp!! I am both excited and ready to be done with it. Band camp means lots of work crammed into 6 days and less sleep than usual. We’re going to a new camp this year too and it’s not as far away as usual. I wish we still got to take charter buses and stop for lunch like usual. We’ve gone to 3 different camps in the past 4 years (including this one) because our original one was sold to new owners so we’re looking for a new home.

That being said I won’t be active at all on social media this week. I’ve got some lovely friends taking over the Instagram account but other than that and scheduled posts I will be free of social media. Okay maybe I’ll hop on from now and then but not much and never for very long. I’ve got to enjoy camp while it lasts!

I hope you guys have a wonderful week!

Happy reading,

Sophie 🙂

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