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Book Chat: Contemporary vs Fantasy

Hi guys, it’s Beth here! So, I haven’t done a bookish debate for a while and there is one I’d like to discuss.

My lovely friend Emma over at The Book Crunch tends to prefer fantasy/paranormal over contemporary/romance. But I’m the opposite! I adore contemporary and always have – I read Jacqueline Wilson as a child when everyone else were massive Harry Potter fans! I have changed a lot now…and I’ll read basically all genres – but my heart is still pretty set on contemporaries! They’re just perfect, easy reads for me.

The main reason I’ve always loved contemporaries so much is because they enhance life. They show things aren’t always so bad, and everything can change in a week, a month, a year.

But…I see the other view, with fantasy and paranormal. Because they take you completely out of this world and show you another…a world that only exists in you and the authors head. One completely invented but still just as magical as the one that exists right here on earth. And maybe that’s what a book should do, invent another galaxy.

But I’ve always found a crazy kind of comfort in contemporary. They’re just so easy to read because you don’t have to think or imagine how weird super powers would work or why that evil vampire won’t just die already.

What do you think? Fantasy or contemporary?


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽


I'm a 20 year old bibliophile, bookseller and publishing student who reads mostly YA! I review and blog about books here at The Books Are Everywhere.

12 thoughts on “Book Chat: Contemporary vs Fantasy

  1. I’m open to all genres, but I definitely read contemporary and romance A LOT more, and I feel myself not getting through fantasy. I think it has to be a really great fantasy novel or has a lot of hype/a good movie, like Harry Potter, for me to get through.

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  2. Fantasy can be used to give another take on reality and because of that I really love it. I remember my fantasy lit prof talking about it in class, about how you can take fantastical worlds and use it to defamiliarize things we’re used to seeing and it helps us look at them in a new light. There’s something magical about that.

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    1. I love that contemporaries are relatable, they can really make people feel less alone in the real world. But fantasy does have that specific skill – in taking us completely away and to experience something new!

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  3. My grandmother once told me ‘you don’t need to write about made up worlds when there are so many interesting things happening in this one!’ At the time I remember disagreeing with her, because I loved Middle Earth, Narnia and Hogwarts (and I still do!) but now I think I see her point. There’s magic in the real world, and books can help us to see it.

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    1. That is such a beautiful story! I’ve always thought along the lines of your grandmother – there is so much beauty in our world…and sometimes books can help us see it when we’re not feeling it day to day in our own lives!


      1. Exactly! I think that’s my favourite type of book currently – both to read and to write – one that leaves you in awe at how beautiful this world is. If you have any favourite contemporary books like this, I’d love some recommendations!


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