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Bookish Box Review: Uppercase Box July

Hi! I told you I would get you the July and August reviews soon, and here is my July one. I was actually really surprised when I saw what book it was – it was a hugely anticipated read most of the time it strays from those so there aren’t too many pre-order double buys.

If you’re new to the subscription box community, welcome. I searched around a bit before settling on Uppercase Box which I found by accident. Every month Uppercase sends out a newly released YA book that is signed or has a book plate. Each box contains 2-3 bookish items that sometimes relate to the read or to each other. Other times they’re completely random, but they’re so fun to have nonetheless. There’s a bookmark that comes with codes that you can use at a special website that gives an enhanced reading experience as well. For more information please visit their website

Since it’s well into August already there is no need to worry about spoilers for this box. July included:
[insert photo here]

I cannot wait to read This Savage Song. I have heard so many good things about her writing, and I love the plot to this one. Her writing always seems so magical and all-consuming. Can you just take a minute to admire that gorgeous cover?! The rights to this movie have already been bought, and I hope something will come of it. I hope to start and finish it by the end of the month!

This box must have been curated just for me because one of my obsessions is office supplies. No j0ke, I love walking in Staples or the office supply section of Meijer (our region’s grocery store) and looking at all the pens and pencils. I also have a ton of pens. I love pens. Anyway, I loved the pencils and the sticky notes! I love to tab my books, and they are such cute designs. The vintage-y vibe reminded me a little of the Somee-cards that you see floating around on the internet. These will definitely be helping me out this coming school year. (I love BTS shopping too if you can imagine that.)

Okay that’s all for now! Happy reading,

Sophie 🙂

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