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Book vs. Movie: Jane Eyre 2011

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to be discussing one of my favourite novels of all time, Jane Eyre. Some of my absolute favourite movies are adaptations of books, and I love discussing my opinions. Mostly, the book holds a special place in my heart…but there have been times when I’ve actually liked the movie more!

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I actually have a little story behind this movie. I read Jane Eyre when I was 11 for the first time, and I’ve re-read it twice since. Shortly after I read it the first time, I saw a movie version on TV. I don’t remember much about it…apart from the fact that I absolutely adored the movie. So the other night, I decided I’d re-watch! Long story short, it wasn’t until the movie ended when I realised I was watching the wrong version.

As it turns out, I actually watched the 1997 version on TV years ago – and that’s the version I was looking for. However, I’m really glad I saw this version too! It gave me yet another interpretation of a very beautiful story, and one I enjoyed very much.

There’s no doubt about it – the acting is top notch and the love between Jane Eyre and Mr Rochester rings pure and true in this movie. It’s beautiful, lovely and made me cry just as the book did. The included all the important scenes, and made them truly amazing. But…I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as I remember liking the 1997 version.

A couple, small things niggled me. One…the love between those too was, although very true, very instant. I wish I could have heard maybe some passages from the book to enhance the process of Jane falling for Rochester.

And two, the movie skipped and jumped a couple of times. There’s no way to explain this without giving spoilers, so if you don’t want them then I would skip the next part!

The movie starts when Jane leaves Thornfield. Then it skips to her schooling at Lowood, followed by living at Thornfield. The plot then follows as normal from there, when she leaves. I can understand why they did this…but I also think it would be confusing if you were watching it without reading the book first.

Before I ramble too much…the big question (and one I’ll ask myself in every book vs. movie post I do): did I prefer the book or the movie?

You’re probably not shocked to find out my answer is the book. It’s over 500 pages and fitting all of my favourite scenes into two hours would be impossible…I couldn’t help but feel there was something slightly missing with the movie that I felt with this beautiful novel.

But even saying this, I would still recommend watching this movie if you’re a Jane Eyre fan! It’s definitely worth a watch.


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽


I'm a 20 year old bibliophile, bookseller and publishing student who reads mostly YA! I review and blog about books here at The Books Are Everywhere.

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