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Hi guys!!!!!! It’s me, Sophie, your favorite book blogger ever 😉 Do you know how much I missed you guys and writing regularly? Life has been so crazy this past November so I had to take a break – I couldn’t devote the time I needed to the blog. But don’t worry, as I said, it was temporary! So maybe you’re wondering what I have been up to this past month. If you don’t really care then I’m going to tell you anyway!

This past month

I finished applying to college!! I sent in five applications and I haven’t heard back from any of them yet. Don’t worry though, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to college. I applied through Regular and Early Decision programs which just means that I’ll get my answers back later on. I should be getting 2 soon this month, and I’m so excited and nervous! My fingers are crossed and my breath is held, but in the mean time that means I’ve had more time for me (and reading of course).

I’ve become better friends with people I’ve known and been friends with for a while, but lately we’ve gotten closer. A lot of my friends graduated last year, so I felt a little out of place this year. Thankfully, I have found my people. I also recently started hanging out more with kids in a neighboring town. They’re really great and I’m glad to have found them. This year has been turning out well for me in the friend department

Remember that guy I went to Homecoming with? It didn’t work out between us, but, you know, that’s okay. I have since made peace with it all, and I’m feeling really positive about the entire experience. He just wasn’t that into me, and I can respect that.

School has been pretty busy. I go to class, try to stay awake in them, and do homework. There are two classes with a lot of work, but overall I’m really enjoying them all. My Fem Lit class is fabulous. I’m working on a final project that will consist of multimedia components, and I’m stoked to see it come together.

I wrote and published two articles for Justine Magazine. They’re about books of course 🙂 If you want to read them click here and here. They’re recs based on Disney Princesses and 9 underhyped books respectively. I hope you enjoy them!


Today is just okay. I’m working and there’s the annual holiday parade, but I’ll miss it because of work. It’s my oldest sister’s birthday and I’m excited to hang out with her. I’ll be Skyping (and meeting) my friend and fellow blogger Beth over at The Books Are Everywhere for the first time! I’m so excited to finally meet the girl I’ve become such good friends with. She is so supportive and sweet, go send her blog some love. Otherwise I’m not up to much.

This coming week

Tests on Monday and my  first pep band games. It’ll be a busy one along with a holiday dance on Saturday to boot. I asked a guy and he said yes 🙂 More to come with that.

How are you guys doing? Catch me up!

Happy reading!

Sophie 🙂

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