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General Update: My Bookish Life (no. 1 vol. 2)

Hello there! Greetings from my Model UN conference. I’m over on the other side of the state (Michigan) right here *points to part of hand* I’m sure this is very helpful to you all, especially when you’re not from my homestate or not at all familiar with it.

This week was a super crazy week. I thought I was going to be busier than I actually was, so I wrote my philosophy paper ahead of time. It turns out that the music things I was supposed to do got cancelled. I was selected for my district’s honors band, but because the school was closed it was cancelled and rescheduled… to the first day of exams. I have to take my second hour exam that Friday now. Thankfully that worked out well because it’s the only one I have to worry about.

It’s my first real visit to University of Michigan (which is where the conference is), and I’ve been super excited. It’s one of the colleges I applied to so maybe it’ll be my home for the next four years. Who knows?

Next week I’m finishing up the last full week of my first semester. This is going to be the last time I have to take exams in high school. Our school has an exam waiver for the second semester and I intend to make good on that. It’s going to be epic next semester. I work a lot, but that’s alright because guess what, college is expensive!

How was your week guys?

Happy reading,

Sophie 🙂

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