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General Update: My Bookish Life no.2 vol. 2

Hello, how are you all doing today? I’ve had a quiet one today and a bit of a busy week last week.

I had a lot of catch up work to do after missing a day for my Model UN conference. It was nice to have a day off due to the ice, though. I was glad to be back in my classes and tried my best to get everything back to normal since next week is finals! I had orchestra for the first time this year, and it was great to be back. We got a new piece – the Blue Danube Waltz and if you’re familiar with the piece you know how long and taxing it is. The mapping of the piece (how to read through the piece) took 20 minutes in and of itself. We cut a lot of stuff out to lessen the time it takes to play, too, and I can’t wait to work on it further. A lot of my teachers were out this week so I had a lot of subs which was kind of weird.

Today I was busy but not busy. I did a lot of my homework and studied for my exams. I worked a bit and then came home and read (a lot). I’ reading Passenger by Alexandra Bracken and The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. I love them both for different reasons, but one commonality is how much I love the character development.

I wish I could have been at a Women’s March today. It was so inspiring to see all of the signs of protest when scrolling through my Facebook and Instagram feeds. Thank you to all who participated and gave us a voice.

Well, in other news, this week is my last finals week. It was a bit of a mess due to so many conflicts but thankfully I’ve worked it all out. I’m missing Friday to go to a scholarship competition and I’m carpooling with my two favorite people (you know who you are *cough* Ana *cough*). It’s gonna be a great weekend. I also am gonna stay the night with my friend I haven’t seen since Christmas and I’m so excited to hang out with her again!

Have a wonderful week, guys!

Happy reading,

Sophie 🙂

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