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Review: Fireworks by Katie Cotugno

Hello there! I don’t know about you, but there are some authors that I know I have to read all of their books and Katie Cotugno is one of them. My first introduction to her writing was 99 Days (review), and I knew that she was someone I would keep reading. I finally got around to her third book Fireworks and the audiobook was awesome.

Title: Fireworks

Goodreads | Amazon

Author: Katie Cotugno

Publisher: Balzar + Bray

Release date: April 11, 2017

My rating: 4/5 Goodreads stars

From Katie Cotugno, bestselling author of 99 Days, comes Fireworks—about a girl who is competing with her best friend to become the new pop star of the moment—and all the drama and romance that comes with it—set in Orlando during the late-’90s boy-and-girl-band craze.

It was always meant to be Olivia. She was the talented one, the one who had been training to be a star her whole life. Her best friend, Dana, was the level-headed one, always on the sidelines, cheering her best friend along.

But everything changes when Dana tags along with Olivia to Orlando for the weekend, where superproducer Guy Monroe is holding auditions for a new singing group, and Dana is discovered too. Dana, who’s never sung more than Olivia’s backup. Dana, who wasn’t even looking for fame. Next thing she knows, she and Olivia are training to be pop stars, and Dana is falling for Alex, the earnest, endlessly talented boy who’s destined to be the next big thing.

It should be a dream come true, but as the days of grueling practice and constant competition take their toll, things between Olivia and Dana start to shift . . . and there’s only room at the top for one girl. For Olivia, it’s her chance at her dream. For Dana, it’s a chance to escape a future that seems to be closing in on her. And for these lifelong best friends, it’s the adventure of a lifetime—if they can make it through.

Set in evocative 1990s Orlando, New York Times bestselling author Katie Cotugno’s Fireworks brings to life the complexity of friendship, the excitement of first love, and the feeling of being on the verge of greatness.


This book was a great read! I didn’t know this is what I wanted when I started it, but it definitely turned out to be just what I needed. Sometimes it’s easy to have so may books that you feel like you *have* to read to stay on top of things, but this was a good break from that.

I remember wanting to punch Dana in the face toward the end. She extremely self-destructive, but in the end it all worked out. I think that it’s interesting to see how things worked out for her after everything had gone down.

Dana and Olivia seem like they have landed the best friend jack pot, but Olivia can’t get over her own privilege to see the problems that Dana faces sometimes. It’s an interesting dynamic and the whole time throughout the book I knew it was something that would cause a big rift for the two of them.

Olivia is a character that I can’t really feel any sympathy for. She was a truly different person once she landed the opportunity for fame, and it changed her. I know that it’s something that she had worked for her entire life, but she failed to recognize Dana’s own struggles while grasping for her dreams. It seemed like she couldn’t get past the fact that it was something she wanted, and if Dana were to rise above her she wouldn’t be able to handle it. This is not the kind of friendship Dana, or anyone for that matter, needs in her life. It’s something that caused a lot of tension as the book carried on, and I think it was something that was well-written about.

I really liked Dana’s character growth as a whole. She was a generally pleasant character, but she had her flaws which made her all the more real. It wasn’t an ending I was expecting for her, but her loyalty to others reminded me so much of myself that I couldn’t be too surprised.

Overall this was a fun book to read. It made me want to frolick in the sun, but unfortunately it’s wet and rainy here in Michigan. It brought a nice slice of sunshine in my life though.

Happy reading,

Sophie 🙂

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