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Review: Twelve Days of Dash & Lily by Rachel Cohn & David Levithan

Oh man, I love these two collaborating on books, always and forever. Hey there! I see you’ve wandered into my corner of the internet. Welcome! Thanks for stopping by, maybe even reading my jumbled up thoughts about books?! You rock.

Today I’ll be chatting about this lovely little novel that is a follow up to the first book Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares which is so adorable. You must read that book before reading this one. So if I have to redirect you from this review to avoid spoilers, please take this as your opportunity to do just that. I highly recommend you take a moment to read that book first. You won’t regret it 🙂

Title: Twelve Days of Dash & Lily

The Twelve Days of Dash and Lily
Goodreads | Amazon

Authors: Rachel Cohn & David Levithan

Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Reads

Release date: October 18, 2017

My rating: 4/5 Goodreads stars

Dash and Lily have had a tough year since they first fell in love among the shelves of their favorite bookstore. Lily’s beloved grandfather suffered a heart attack, and his difficult road to recovery has taken a major toll on her typically sunny disposition.

With only twelve days left until Christmas—Lily’s favorite time of the year—Dash, Lily’s brother Langston, and their closest friends must take Manhattan by storm to help Lily recapture the unique holiday magic of a glittering, snow-covered New York City in December.


These two were adorable and so fun to get re-acquainted with. I remember reading Dash & Lilly’s Book of Dares and loving it so much. Cohn and Levithan are one of my two favorite author combos, and I’m so excited to read whatever they write.

I think something they capture well is the time period after people get together and what happens when they leave the honeymoon phase. I think that New York played a big role in helping Dash and Lily find new things to entertain themselves with, and it was nice to see the city through both of their eyes. I think a big thing that people in general struggle with is communication especially with the lack thereof. This was something that felt really relatable and true to anyone’s experience in all types of relationships.

The atmosphere of the book was perfect. Even though I read it after the holiday season it still brought back the warm, fuzzy feelings that usually surround the winter time. I love that time of the year most for a lot of the reasons that Lily does. My family is really big and it’s nice to see them all under one roof having a good time.

One of the strengths of this book was the theme of the twelve days of Christmas. I love how Dash tried really hard to make the days leading up to Lily’s favorite holiday so special. The concept is totally swoon-worthy, and it was lovely to see unfold.

I highly recommend this to people looking for a quick read and something light. I think that reading the first book of the two would be very helpful for really getting the most out of this book.

Happy reading,

Sophie 🙂

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