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Blog Tour: We Are the Wildcats by Siobhan Vivian

Hey y’all! I hope this post finds you healthy and safe. It’s a crazy, crazy landscape we live in right now, but I’m hoping that it will take us to a better future. If you’re cooped up at home like most of us, one of the best ways to pass the time is escaping to another world, through reading of course!

Today I’m reviewing Siobhan Vivian’s latest release, We Are the Wildcats, which came out on March 31st this year. Thank you so much to Simon Teen for asking me to be part of this blog tour!

I’m so excited to be working on another one of Siobhan’s books. If you’ve been a long-time reader of The Mind of a Book Dragon, you’ll remember Siobhan was my first interview on the blog with her book The Last Boy and Girl in the World. You can read my review of it as well. I also had the chance to speak with her on Stay Sweet and review the book early.

However, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Title: We Are the Wildcats

Author: Siobhan Vivian

Publisher: Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers

Release date: March 31, 2020

My rating: 5/5 Goodreads Stars

A toxic coach finds himself outplayed by the high school girls on his team in this deeply suspenseful novel, which unspools over twenty-four hours through six diverse perspectives.

Tomorrow, the Wildcat varsity field hockey squad will play the first game of their new season. But at tonight’s team sleepover, the girls are all about forging the bonds of trust, loyalty, and friendship necessary to win.

Everything hinges on the midnight initiation ceremony—a beloved tradition and the only facet of being a Wildcat that the girls control. Until now.

Coach—a handsome former college player revered and feared in equal measure—changes the plan and spins his team on a new adventure. One where they take a rival team’s mascot for a joyride, crash a party in their pajamas, break into the high school for the perfect picture.

But as the girls slip out of their comfort zone, so do some long-held secrets. And just how far they’re willing to go for their team takes them all—especially Coach—by surprise.

A testament to the strength and resilience of modern teenage girls, We Are the Wildcats will have readers cheering.

Goodreads | Indiebound | Barnes & Noble | Amazon | Book Depository

Siobhan Vivian is the author of the young adult noels Stay Sweet, The Las Boy and Girl in the World, The List, and the Burn for Burn Trilogy, cowritten with Jenny Han. She receibed her MFA in creative writing at the New School. Visit her at

Goodreads | Instagram | Website

Wow did I love this book!! It was such an excellent read. Vivian does not disappoint in her latest book. I was enamored with the Wildcats from the get-go. This book has so much heart, and I want you all to love it as much as I did. Here’s what I first wrote about it on Goodreads:

SUCH. A. SATISFYING. ENDING!! Read more in my review for the blog tour April 9!

Really, it was a good, satisfying ending. I don’t know if I could be happier with it honestly. The girls on the Wildcats are people I admire, and I wish I could be friends with every single one of them in real life.

This book is told over 24 hours through multiple perspectives. It was a fantastic way to tell the story because we get to see many facets of the team, from seniors to freshmen, to juniors and sophomores. There were so many girls who were struggling personally after their defeat at the state championship, and I loved seeing them reconcile their pain with each other. Seeing them lift each other up and being vulnerable made my heart full. I love that Vivian’s most recent books are about women uplifting each other and having each others’ backs.

I used to play soccer competitively, and this really took me back to my days on a team. It reminded me of all the good times I had connecting with my teammates and talking and playing a game we all loved. Though my experience on a sports team is pretty different from that of the Wildcats, this book made me hope that there are some teams like the Wildcats out there. I think at the heart and core of most women’s sports teams should be a philosophy similar to that of the Wildcats.

The more I read, the more I disliked Coach. And I could see other girls catching on to what was going on. It was so satisfying to see the team get through this together and look out for each other. I wish I could say more on this, but I will hold back to be spoiler-free!

Overall, I highly recommend this book. It’s the perfect read to feel empowered, and it will definitely make you want to overthrow the patriarchy 😉 Fans of Katie Cotugno and Jenny Han will absolutely devour this book!

Happy reading,

Sophie 🙂

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