Once upon a time, in an 8th Grade English class, Sophie and I decided that normal book clubs sucked. Who likes reading the same book that much? And directed discussions? Ew.

So this became our brainchild. As we were frequently asked for book suggestions, we wanted a way to give a ton of people book ideas and why it was interesting without having to remember a ton of books off the top of our heads. Hence this.

As far as me? I’m the oldest of four, I have a grey miniature schnoodle named Misty and a green Pacific Parrotlet named Chico. I’m an avid reader, and I love Science Olympiad with something of a passion. I have many random and somewhat peculiar talents and hobbies, play the flute in band, and in all likelihood, there’s a fair chance you already know all of this.

So ta-da, me.

Signing off, Maiya



My name is Sophie, one of the co-founders that helped conceive what is this blog.

Maiya and I have been talking about this book “club” for years and never got to doing anything more than coming up with lists of brainstormed ideas. We wanted something unorthodox, something that did more than abide by the constraints of a normal book club. Our forum was thus born. We hope this will serve as a place to find new, exciting books, as well as meet some avid bookworms like yourself.

Okay, so you may want to know a little about myself.

First, I am an eclectic reader. I will be posting about books ranging from classic English lit to contemporary YA to chicklit (what a guilty pleasure it is!). For me, there is no novel I can’t devour in mere hours if given the time (Jacob Have I Loved is a whole other story).

I love the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, and will read anything by Uncle Rick. I prefer Percy to Harry (no hate!), because I didn’t get into Harry Potter as much as other people. Some of my favorite authors include (but certainly aren’t limited to) David Arnold (Mosquitoland), Jennifer Niven (All the Bright Places), Jenny Han (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before), Shannon Parker (The Girl Who Fell), Cori McCarthy (You Were Here), and Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson & the Olympians) of course. I don’t drink many hot drinks but if I am it’s hot chocolate, coffee and tea are not for me.

When I’m not reading (which is tragic, I know) or taking (awkward) pictures of books, I go to school mostly (Go green!). Often I can be found out on the water coxing some dudes (rowing is a tough sport that takes place year-round), eating late night in the caf, or watching vine comps with my friends to avoid mountains of homework. I’m also quite active on our Instagram (@minofabookdragon) and Twitter (@bookdragonbooks).

I hope this serves as a decent get-to-know-you, and I hope my reviews help you choose the perfect book for yourself. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to improve my posts for you in the comments.

Happy reading!

Sophie 🙂