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Hello, authors, publishers, and fellow book lovers!

If you’re looking to get in contact with us for any reason you may at the resources below. If you’re looking for a particular blogger that is not Sophie just address your message to whom you would like to speak to at the beginning. I will reply promptly and to the best of our abilities. For ARC or any other review requests, please note the review policy below.

Review Policy

I am happy to review books in exchange for a printed or e-book copy – free of charge. In light of this, I do have some parameters in which I operate.

  • What I like to review: I am willing to read any book that doesn’t promote weight loss, drugs, alcohol, gambling, and erotica (personal opinion). I prefer to read YA and any sub-genre therein.
  • I will read and review any ARC within my given schedule based on the release date of the book.
  • Not all my reviews will be positive – I will be writing my honest opinion, but I will never show any disrespect to an author or publisher.
  • I will do my best to be unbiased to the publisher and/or author when writing and reviewing.
  • Author/publisher requesting the review will be clearly mentioned in my review, as well as our exchange.
  • I reserve the right to decline any offers to my discretion.


Twitter: @bookdragonbooks

Instagram: @mindofabookdragon

Goodreads: Sophie (profile)

A note on my address: Because I’m currently in college I live at two different addresses depending on the part of the year. If you have contacted me in the past about a review, please email me again before sending a new book for review.

Thank you so much!

Sophie & The Book Dragons