Here is the general schedule that will (hopefully) be kept on the blog. College is tough and time consuming, so I might not post as often as I would like to here. If you have any questions contact us at Thank you so much for your understanding!

Monday: TBD

Tuesday : None; day off! 🙂

Wednesday: Book Chat; I’ll be discussing bookish things – the struggles and joys of a book lover and anything else that falls into that realm. I’m especially excited for this one! Look for guest authors on these days, too.

Thursday: #throwbackthursday, reviews of books older than 2 years

Friday: Q & A; This day I will address any questions you have for me about books, the blog, other bloggers. If you want other bloggers here to weigh in just ask! We’re happy to comply with any requests you may have. Feel free to comment your questions on posts, and we will readily prepare answers for this post. Blog tags will also be posted on this day, so if you have a blog, we’d love to do any book tag you have.

Saturday: General Updates; I will talk a little about me and what the happenings are. I’m hoping these will allow us get to know each other better.

Sunday: Sneak Peek Sunday, ARC reviews of awesome books that are due to come out soon