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My Bookish Life, vol. 4 pt. 2

Hello, March! We have blown into March like a lion in these parts of Michigan. It has been quite blustery and cold out, and while I don’t mind the cold, I like it much better from the confines of my own home!

February brought the middle of the semester and a lot of other new things for me. I’ve become more active and present in the Asian American community here on campus, and I’m really enjoying meeting all of the new people. I feel that I’ve made a lot of new friends, and I really look forward to what March has in store for me! If you saw my blog post earlier this week, I was able to complete 10 books in February! You can read the full monthly wrap-up here.

I’ve already failed my resolution of blogging three times a week, but there’s always this month to improve on it! I’m trying really hard to get some good content on here, so keep an eye out for some blog tours in the future!!

Currently Listening: Would you believe me if I said I was still obsessed with K-pop? Okay well, you should because I am. Monsta X had a comeback in February along with Pentagon! I highly recommend you listen to “Dear Friend” because it is warm and a hug in song form. I also made a playlist of instrumental K-pop because I like to listen to it when I’m anxious and can’t fall asleep

Currently Watching: My friends and I decided to re-watch Avatar the Last Airbender because we needed to revisit this part of our childhood. We’re currently on the final season, and honestly I love Appa so much. My friend Abby and I haven’t seen the whole series beginning to end, so we’re all using our Amazon accounts to watch it. I can’t wait to see what happens! I can pretty much recite the intro from memory now too.

Currently Reading: Right now I’m listening to Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. I also am digging into The Fever King by Victoria Lee, which debuted March 1st! Be sure to keep an eye out for that review soon. I’m hoping to keep up this awesome reading streak I have going, so we’ll see!

I hope you’re having a great start to the month!!

Happy reading,
Sophie 🙂

Wow, can you believe it’s already 2019? And this is the FOURTH volume of my small updates. I can’t believe the time has flown by so fast. It feels just like yesterday that I had started this blog with my fellow book lover Maiya. I was but a wee sophomore in high school. Flashforward, and I am not writing from my fourth semester in college.

I want to apologize for the lack of posting. I always say that I will be more active every year, and it honestly just slips by the wayside as I get busier. It’s harder when I have so much on my plate and I’m out of a regular habit of writing. I’m going to try in earnest this year to write more on here. I want to document more moments of my life in writing, and this is going to be my way in!

2018 Review

I read 79 books last year! My goal was to read 100, but once I started the fall semester I really hit the ground running. It didn’t bode well for my reading. That being said, I did get quite a lot in there! I’m doing a mini series of books I loved featuring author interviews, and you can see the first post here.

I also started my second fall semester of college! I was really excited to go back — I missed my best friends so much! It was a hard semester for me. I joined three groups on campus, and am finally facing a lot of personal questions I didn’t know I had. I feel that I’m getting know myself better through this entire process though. Shout out to my two best friends, Abby and Haley, (and my family!) for letting me ugly cry so much in front of them!

Here are some of my absolute favorite memories of the fall:

2019 Resolutions

I’m not much one for sticking to resolutions. I’m quite terrible at it to be honest, but this year I want to set just a few to see it they’ll stick better.

  1. Blog three times a week
  2. Read 80 books
  3. Complete a third year of bullet journaling
  4. Complete a spring and fall semester with at least a 3.5 GPA

They may be small, but I’m ready to focus all my energy into them.

What are some of your resolutions? Tell me in the comments below!

Current Obsessions

Currently Listening: I’m still so in love with K-Pop, and I’ve expanded who I listen to! I also recently started listening to C-Pop, mostly Mandopop. There are so many great artists out there, and I’m so impressed by their talent.

Here’s a playlist of my current K-Pop faves that no one asked for:

Do you listen to K- or C-Pop? What groups do you follow? Any suggestions?

Currently reading: I’m reading so many books right now it’s not even funny.

Currently Watching:

  • The Memories of Alhambra, it’s a kdrama currently being updated on Netflix, and I’m obsessed! I can’t wait to see what happens
  • Fresh Off the Boat, I loved Constance Wu so much in Crazy Rich Asians that I decided to watch her tv show!

I hope you liked this update! I don’t know how often I will do a life update, but maybe if I stick to blogging it’ll be once a week. I can’t wait to see what 2019 holds for us, and thank you for sticking it out with me over the years.

Happy reading,

Sophie 🙂

My Bookish Life, pt. 1, vol. 4: New Year’s Resolutions & 2019 Updates

Hey guys! Happy March!! Can you believe it’s already the third month of the year?! It’s crazy to think that this much time has passed. I feel like the year has just begun and I haven’t gotten anything done. Yet, it seems like I’ve lived three more years, not just three months.

Last year and the year before I used to write installments every week on how I was personally doing, and I’m going to start again. I can’t promise that it’ll be every week because, surprise, being a college student is super duper busy all the time! I’m going to try to keep up though because this was one of my favorite parts of the blog.

So what have I been up to lately? A lot. This past week we went on spring break, and I travelled with the crew team to South Carolina for training. It has been a long hard week of rowing every single day, 2-3 times at least. I’ve been really tired all the time, and I feel like I can’t get a moment to myself without feeling guilty for not socializing with my teammates. This introvert is having too much people time without enough time to recharge her batteries!

That being said, I have really enjoyed a lot of my break. This hard work is getting us ready for a competitive race season, and we’re shaping up to be really good on the water this spring. I’m really looking forward to travelling to Philly in May for the DadVail regatta. My parents are going to come see us, and I’m excited to see them there.

Here are some pics that I’ve taken from the week:

The picture on the left is me and a few of my teammates in the dining hall here at Clemson and the one on the right is taken off the starboard side of our boat from Thursday’s practice. It was a beautiful day for rowing in the morning but we had to do dryland training in the afternoon because of the rough winds.

I finished three books so far on break, but I have a 16+ hour bus ride back to Michigan, so there’s plenty of time to get even more complete. I can’t wait to share reviews on the amazing books I read, and I hope you like them too!

With classes starting back up on Monday, I have a lot to get done so I’m signing off for now. Until next time!

Happy reading,

Sophie 🙂


My Bookish Life pt. 1, vol. 3

Well, it has been quite the year, hasn’t it? Hi there! If you’re new to the blog, welcome, and if you’ve been with us here for a while then thanks for sticking around.

A lot of major changes happened not only in my life, but in the lives of many this year. With the new administration being ushered in during January to the recent wave of women raising their voices together, it was a time of social change and upheaval. This is the time in which we make a difference. I am so excited (and nervous!) to be part of this.

A few things that changed for me…

Well one of them is that I graduated from high school! It was exhilarating and quite the whirlwind. I can’t believe it happened. Senior year was something for sure. It was a whole year full of lasts — last band camp, last band concert, last Model UN conference… I can’t believe all of that happened within the span of nine months. I mean, WHAT?! Mind = blown

Something else new? College! Here are some snapshots

I’m so lucky to have met all of these wonderful people this year, pictured and not. I can’t thank them enough for bringing such happiness to my life. Thank you to those who have stuck by me all of these years. They have been there for me in truly some of the worst times, and I can’t wait for many more years of friendship.

This has been a hard year with a lot of growing pains. I am in disbelief of the turn of world events. It is something that I couldn’t fathom happening in 2016, but I have hope that it will bring better change. It has certainly brought louder voices and more awareness to the injustices of today’s society. I can’t help but appreciate all that has been done thus far.


I read almost 105 books this year! My goal was to read 80, but I finished that in late October, and one does not simply stop reading. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have books to get me through some things. I unfortunately fell really behind on my reviews here, but I am hoping to change that in the new year!

And in 2018…?

I am really looking forward to the change in the calendar year. It will bring the end of my freshman year of college and the start of my sophomore year. I hope to meet so many more new people, and I hope to keep a lot of my old friends.

My reading goal will be set at 100 this time, and I really hope to reach it (again). I want to blog more, and I want to make more time for writing. I feel that it’s something I want to improve upon and sharpen. Who knows, maybe I’ll start writing my own book at some point.

With that, I bid you farewell 2017. Thank you, dear readers, for your continued support. ❤

Happy reading,

Sophie 🙂


2017 Wrap Up: Graduation, College, and Books (Of Course!)

Hello, welcome to the weekend! I’m so happy it’s Saturday. Unfortunately that means it’s my last full day of committee. I’m coming to you from the Windy City at the Model UN conference which is held by University of Chicago. This is my last overnight conference, and it’s a bit bittersweet.

This week I only went to school for three days and then we left for Chicago early Thursday morning. One of my favorite parts of the trip is riding the train. I’ve only ridden the train a few times but there is something about it that I love. It’s kind of like flying but you get to get up and walk around the whole time. Opening ceremonies was Thursday night so we got to spend the rest of the day wandering Chicago. Of course I went to a bookstore (57th Street Books – my favorite one located in Hyde Park). Friday was the first full day of committees, but they didn’t start until 1. Our school’s delegation is representing the Republic of Korea and we got to meet the Deputy Consulate of Korea Friday morning. It was super cool to meet a real diplomat. I have written two pieces already and am going for an award. I’m ready for this guys, I really want it.

Today I’m hoping to get more articles out again. It’s gonna be a long day full of more committee. I have to find more things to write about but since it’s the third day we’re really getting into the thick of debate. I can’t believe I’ll be going home tomorrow. These things always feel both long and short. It’s weird, but I like it.

This week I’ve gotta get back on track with my classes. I missed two school days but really all I missed in class was statistics. I wish I didn’t miss so much school but it’s totally worth it. I have a test on Monday already but I think I’m prepared. I’ll probably panic a bit more Sunday. We’ll get there when we get there. Otherwise it’s just a normal week for me.

Happy reading,

Sophie 🙂


General Update: My Bookish Life no. 4 vol. 2

General Update: My Bookish Life pt. 24

Hi, there! I hope you had a wonderful week! Everything and nothing happened for me. I’m surprised it’s already Saturday. What do I even do with myself now? (Work, work is the answer.)

This week

Band started back up. I was a little weary to go back because of some drama, but thankfully it all went over pretty well. We have our first home game performance Thursday, and we have to have songs 1-3 performance ready. The hardest one by far is song 3 which is Masquerade. That one is one of my favorite songs of the show. It’s hard because of so many time signature/tempo changes. It’ll be interesting to see how it all turns out. At least we have it all charted already so it’s hardcore repping and reviewing at this point.

My parents went out of town this week so it was my sister and I holding down the homefront. It was nice to be back in my house in my own bed, but I’m not used to having the animals all over so I didn’t sleep the best. Oh well at least they’re coming home tonight.

I’ve been busy every day this week. It’s better than sitting around twiddling my thumbs. I got another college application mostly completed. I’m missing an essay for it, but I need time to mull over my answer before I write it. Generally speaking I’d say this was a pretty productive week.

I am in such a reading slump this month. There. I have finally acknowledged that my reading is uncharacteristically low. I’ve only read 2 books and I’m still reading my third. It took me 2 weeks to finish Blood for Blood and one more week to read Kids of Appetite. What is happening to me people?! I am almost caught up on my reviews though! I need to finish ones for those 2 previously mentioned books and I’ll have them out to you soon. Please September be good to me and my reading. I hope it won’t take too much of a hit with school and moving and everything.


I work again. For 5 hours. It isn’t bad. I usually am pretty busy when I come to work so that’s good. Also I get to pet the books. And read them. I get ARCs too. I love my job. Other than that I don’t think I’m doing too much.

Next week

My sister is going to her first college classes. I have my last first football game performance. I have band all week except Friday. Then school. I should really get some supplies together so I’m not scrambling around at the last second. My senior pictures are Monday. I’m doing them in an old library and I’m soooo excited for them. I have to miss my first orchestra rehearsal because of band rehearsal. #bandnerdprobs I am going to be so busy.

What are you up to? How was your week?

Happy reading,

Sophie 🙂

Hi from Providence! I’ve finished up my first week here at Brown University, and I’m loving it so far. I’m taking a journalism class which is taught by a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, so it’s a bit intimidating. I’m starting to find my place here.

This week I…

I started my first week at Summer@Brown! It was tough leaving my parents for the first time, but so far I’ve been keeping up with them and my other family pretty well. I’ve made a lot of friends, and it was sad seeing some of them leave yesterday. (Some of them had one week classes.) There’s a beautiful main green in the middle of campus that I love to sit and do homework and hang out on. There are a ton of people here and sometimes it’s the people watching that is entertaining.

My roommate is pretty awesome. She and I are pretty good friends and I hope it stays that way. She’s from the Dominican Republic so it’s fun to learn from her.

I haven’t finished a book this entire week. I know. I’m behind, but not at the same time thanks to reading 5 last week. I’m slowly making my way through Girl Against the Universe by Paula Stokes. It’s really good so far. 🙂

ICYMI here’s what was posted this week

Today I’m…

Going to Boston! There’s an off-campus trip to Boston today and I’m so excited to go. We’re taking a chartered bus there. It’s only about an hour away, so I should get some good reading in 🙂 Lia (my roommate) is going too, and I think we’re going to the aquarium. It should be awesome.

This week looks…

Like another week full of class. I’m in class from 9-3 every day except the weekends. Usually she breaks us at 12 so It isn’t really that bad. I like having a morning class because I wouldn’t know what to do with myself with the time before or after class because it’d be an awkward time to have!

How are you guys doing? Tell me something good!

Happy reading!

Sophie 🙂

General Update: My Bookish Life pt. 16 (I forgot the last number)

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General Update: My Bookish Life pt. 11

Hello and welcome to the eleventh installment of My Bookish Life! This will be a shorter post than others due to my writing it on the fly before departing to Chicago for BookCon!!

This week I…

Recuperated from all my AP testing. I’ve finally got my ducks in a row (I think…). It was my last full week with seniors before they graduate and I´m sad they’re leaving. It’s going to quiet and empty without them in the building. I took my final calculus test (at least I hope so because I just can’t go through another one). Yesterday my friends and I recreated the Nature video from Youtube. I haven’t seen it personally, but it was super fun and hilarious. We’re pretty great actors.

Today I’m…

IN CHICAGO FOR THE BOOKCON/BEA AND I’M SO EXCITED! I’ll be tweeting (@bookdragonbooks) and Instagramming (@mindofabookdragon) it throughout the day if you’d like to stay informed.

Next week looks…

Pretty normal. We have a final AP Lit party for the seniors leaving. It’s become a sort of conglomeration of food and people, even though there’s only about 15 of us. I’m going to miss everyone so much.

Okay that’s all I have for you today! Happy reading!

Sophie 🙂