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Bookish News: 5 September 2016

Can you believe it’s already September?! I feel like time is going by super fast. I can’t wait to cozy up and read in the fall weather. It’s supposed to stay warm throughout the month here in Michigan though – just give me my autumn weather! I would have to say fall is one of my favorite seasons, especially since we actually experience it in Michigan. (The winters can get pretty brutal, but it’s no big deal.)

This week brings us the first round of September/Fall releases. There are so many great ones out this month! Here’s what’s coming to you this week:

ICYMI here’s what happened last week

Okay so I failed in my job this week. I couldn’t find anything for you. I apologize – there just wasn’t that much that went on (other than some hype books dropping, amirite?!). I do have my own news however!

I have become a guest writer/Spark Girl for Justine Magazine, and my first article went live this past Wednesday. It’s amazing to see the reach I’ve had so far with it, and I want to share it here in case you wanted to check it out for yourself! I recommend books based on each Disney Princess (how can you not love those ladies?). Here is the link!! Thank you so much for taking the time to support me. I hope to have another article out soon!

Have a wonderful week!!!

Happy reading,

Sophie 🙂

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